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Vorgabe Spaltenhoehe


Take the dreams by the horns!  

Orpheus says: The world is getting smaller and smaller. Roswitha says: Then at least let’s blow big horns. The cosmopolitan, philosopher and artist Roswitha Pross put her words into action and at the end of the 90ies it became reality. Our fabulous shared artist residence got a new flat mate: a four-meter-long alphorn, which made itself comfortable in our Moroccan room. Nobody knew of this surprise guest yet. But when we arrived home late that night one after the other, it was impossible to miss.
On a white Berber carpet, resting its head on a red oriental cushion, it was slumbering peacefully in front of us, the well formed monster from the Alps. Roswitha had brought the giant piece from Wallis, where she had attended a photo session at the reception of the Swiss professional yodelers a couple of days earlier. “Come on, let`s wake it up”, said Roswitha and caressed it gently across its bare neck. She lifted it carefully, her lips touched the mouth piece and:

„Ooooh!“, I thought, „with the sound of an alphorn at night, everything will sure be alright“. An affectionate, spherical, incredibly voluminous sound filled the room. Our neighbors felt the same, by the way. The next morning they all said they thought they had been dreaming about the Queen Mary on the Isar river.
Yes, alphorns do inspire dreams! All of us that awoke during that legendary night and blew Roswitha’s alphorn inspired dreams! The world-embracing idea of the Munich Alphorn Collective was born. Roswitha’s first horn multiplied quickly. By now there are ten of them. Multicultural in black and white. Played by enthusiastic real individualists. In the flow of continually new formations. That is how they blow across countries and continents, in deserts and caves, on mountains and summits, with kettledrums and trumpets, with choirs and tenors. Endlessly open for everything that creates joy and makes dreams come true.
Sam Lazay

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